Meet - Samantha Foster

By Indie Minecart, updated on April 24, 2017

Meet - Samantha Foster

We love meeting anyone interested in games development and was so happy to catch up with Samantha Foster. Samantha is a talented music composer with experience in all forms of sound creation ranging from games development through to movies.

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Can you tell us a little about your background?

I grew up in Manhattan and graduated with honors from St. Lawrence University in 2012. I’m currently composing music for several indie game projects and recently composed musica short film.

My first game project was for a game development club at INSA Rennes (a French engineering university) in Rennes, France. It was called La Fugue Orpheline (the Runaway Orphan). On this project, I learned how to use Sonar (digital audio workstation software) and other software tools to compose. From there, I’ve built up my credits working on a variety of projects ranging from PC to mobile games.

What do you do?

I compose custom music for games, film, and media. For games, some of my recent credits include The Rainsdowne Players: Opening Night, a PC game and Dead of Day. Other highlights include the indie RPGs Regicide: The Tale of the Forgotten Thief and RPG MO.

I’ve also started to record my own sound effects for games as well on my Zoom H5 field recorder. I love scoring them all! And, I compose in many genres. Some of my favorite genres include Solo Piano, Chiptune, Orchestral, Hybrid Orchestral, Atmospheric, and Electronic. In addition to games, I’ve worked on a number of films as well. I scored a Hollywood indie feature film, “Southern Comfort” (now available on Amazon), the documentary “Actresses”, and recently a short film called “Happy Home”. In 2016, I won a Tabloid Witch Award for Best Music for Sitophobia, a stop-motion animated short.

What sort of projects have you worked on?

My favorite game projects were Regicide: The Tale of the Forgotten Thief, the upcoming dungeon crawler game Dead of Day, Peter’s Quest, The Rainsdowne Players: Opening Night, and most recently, the upcoming first person shooter game RAVER: Bliss in Bloodshed.

I enjoyed scoring Regicide because I did a variety of orchestral and atmospheric pieces for it that were reflective of place. My favorite piece for that game was Icefield. I had to make the piece sound wintery and a bit cheerful.

Dead of Day was fun to score because I loved the zombie theme. It was mostly a mix of atmospheric and orchestral.

I loved scoring Peter’s Quest, a mobile game because the entire soundtrack was chiptune! I love doing chiptune!

What do you want to do next?

Work on more projects! I’m definitely interested in scoring more video games, film, animation, TV, and media projects!

I’d love to score more first person shooters, point and click adventures, RPGs, and sci-fi games in particular. I want to score some TV pilots and episodes.

And, I’m also looking for new feature films and documentaries to score.

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