By PlanetX Game Studios, updated on April 10, 2017

Casual arcade Retro Breakout Unity3D PC steam greenlight

A fun, but very uniquely challenging and brutal arcade game inspired by the Breakout games, with 80 levels and 4 different brick shape themes. With 4 times the challenge, and beautiful 3D visuals, you try to control FOUR different paddles at the same time on each edge of the screen, while trying to “contain” and destroy the bricks, before they drift out of the screen or reach your paddles! All the while trying to maintain control over the ball in more and more chaotic situations! The bricks have physics based collisions and are fully destructible! Controls are easy to learn, since you only need the mouse to control all 4 paddles, but it's difficult to master, since you're battling on 4 fronts at once!

Please check out the game and vote yes on Steam Greenlight here! Thank you for the support!


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