Kevin To Go

By Hoo Games, updated on May 24, 2017

Kevin To Go

Enjoy a free Jump'n'Run adventure for Android. Emerge yourself in the World of Kevin To Go, you have to clear major obstacles to free all of His friends. Many opponents and treasure makes Kevin To Go an adventure that will keep you mesmerized. Kevin got one small problem you won't be able to Eliminate any of His opponents, but a few power ups are going to make it easier the World of Kevin to go master. You have unlimited lives in this jump and run game, this way you don't have to use any of the previous diamonds to buy new lives but instead can use them to free all of Kevin's friends.

5 Worlds wait on you with 26 Level and 4 Bonus Level:

  • Zombie Land
  • Snowland
  • Dungeon
  • Sun World
  • Stone World

Kevin to go Is a jump and Run Game. Which is getting better and better with every update. So you can look forward to the new world's and levels.

Get it at Google Play


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