Mystery Dorm 3

By M.A production, updated on May 20, 2018

Mystery Dorm 3
anime rpgmaker RPG horror mystery

Mystery Dorm 3 is freeware mystery exploration game made in RPG Maker MV. This game is Sequel of Mystery Dorm 2 and the last game in Mystery Dorm Series.

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Mystery Dorm 2 Link:

Mystery Dorm Official Website:

Story: The next day after Mizuha and Hikaru got out from the dorm, Mizuha asked Hikaru to join her team to do final year project. Hikaru agreed to join Mizuha team, and they do a final year project together.3 week later, the result of their project announced and Hikaru and Mizuha got excellent result in their class, and they got into the national competition.

After returning from the competition, they promise to go on date for the first time but Mizuha did not appear at the promised place. Hikaru tried to contact her but failed, and he went to find Mizuha around the park. During searching for Mizuha, Hikaru found one man fainted at the park, and he brought that man to the hospital.

At the hospital, Hikaru tried contact Mizuha once again but Mizuha still not answered him. Suddenly that man finally woke up and after that, he tells Hikaru that he knows what happened to Mizuha and where she went.

What happened to Mizuha? Where she went? Who the fainted person Hikaru found at the park?


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