Solace Crafting

By Solace Crafting, updated on March 28, 2017

Solace Crafting
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Forget everything you know about "recipes" and their limitations. Everything is shaped by the decisions you make. Your weapons, your armor, your castle, your soul. How far do you think they will take you?

As the world gets exponentially more difficult the further we travel, crafting high quality equipment becomes a necessity. Will you make it to level 50? 60? Is that even possible? We've yet to find out.


  • Extreme Viewing Distance
  • Distance Based Difficulty
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Procedural Encounters
  • Teleport Networks

Redefining the Crafting RPG. Custom recipes/sets/enchants/avatar/classes/skills. 90km+ view. Teleport networks!

Future Goals

These are features not yet fully implemented or not currently under development that we hope to add over time.

  • Endless dungeons and endless towers (not fully implemented)
  • Procedural Monster Classes (currently only distance and biome based)
  • Upgradable Dimension Crystals (teleporters), storage, auras, etc.
  • Underwater biome
  • Elemental planes, and other fantasy/sci-fi dimensions
  • Secret doors, skill based locks, and hidden areas


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