Equilinox – IndieDev done right

Equilinox by ThinMatrix is a great example a indie dev project done right. 

Firstly the game/project just looks amazing. I mean absolutely amazing.

But it is more than just that. The journey of Equilinox and ThinMatrix (Twitter) started over 3 years ago. Just think, 3 years, what a commitment. Most indiedev’s dreams and aspirations die off within a year. Not ThinMatrix, he’s been working hard and chipping away and it really shows. Even his IndieDB page has had over 90k views. Not only that, he has documented his way through the process with his YouTube channel have 90k subscribers. He is even running a Patreon page and as of today he has 284 patreons which results in $2,453 per month, fantastic.

I first fell in love with this project when I was starting out making some procedurally generated terrain. And wow, his work is a great example. Just look at his first Equilinox video (below) to see what I mean.

The whole thing is written in Java. I couldn’t find a specific reference to any game engines/frames but his earlier work uses LWJGL 2, so lets assume that.

For those who don’t know, the original version of Minecraft was also written with LWJGL 2, so Equilinox is in good company.

On a side note, for those wanting to also make games in Java I would strongly recommend LiBGDX which is built on top of LWJGL 2.

For now, I’ll leave you with some screenshots of Equilinox.

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