Unity FPS Sample

Wow, have you seen how fricking awesome this is?

Unity has always come with some great sample demos. I remember the first one I saw was way back when Unity 3 was cutting edge. It had an island with a wierd bird that would run away from you. It was just impressive.

Unity’s latest sample project is a real treat. Not only is it an FPS, it is a multiplayer FPS (authoritative server).

It includes:

  • 1 fully populated arena level, including high-quality assets for HDRP
  • 2 fully rigged characters with 4 unique weapons
  • Up to 16 players
  • Deathmatch and Assault game modes
  • Support for PC with more platforms scheduled to follow
  • FPS netcode based on an authoritative server architecture

Even better news is that are commited through 2019 with a promise of the developers been able to build the final game for more than just PC. Additionally they will be adding more content and tutorials to help support developers.

The sample project is available on their GitHub page here.

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